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Saloon on Calhoun with Bacon
Never before has a bar loved bacon so dearly.

Homer Simpson once said, “Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life.” This tasty philosophy couldn’t be more true and even more reflective of the power of the beloved meat candy, bacon.

The salty shavings of pork back have seen resurgence in pop-culture in recent years with various bacon festivals, world’s largest bacon this and that, fast-food bacon ice cream, bacon-booze, and the extreme gluttony of the bacon-worshiping Epic Meal Time group.

With the popularity of the salty meat at such an all-time, smoky high, it’s no surprise that an area establishment has sandwiched their name with the scrumptious meat. Enter: Saloon On Calhoun With Bacon (17000 W. Capitol Drive, Brookfield). Although technically not “on” Calhoun, the fun rhyme-scheme doesn’t work effectively with Capitol Drive, so, shh.

As my lovely and I  headed out on our bacon adventure, excitement and energy levels were peaking. This was not only New Bar Night, but the opening of the 2012 Packers season with the first pre-season game against the Chargers. Game note: I’m no NFL analyst, but we looked like a regular season representation of the Bengals. The good news? There is plenty of time to shake out the buffoonery, so let’s look forward, Packer Nation.

Pulling up to the Saloon (referred to henceforth as Bacon) cars were congregating in the lot while members of a men’s softball team milled about the veranda smoking, talking football and making season predictions.

Bacon is a cheerful, modest sports pub. Upon entering, we were immediately welcomed by a smiling face and a bubbly personality at the hostess stand. Panning over the bar, I noticed two stools right in front of the tappers and just below the television.Perfect.

Galloping through the forest of pub tables, I received my first kiss of bacon. There, over by the window, I saw the glorious pot of meaty gold: a huge pan of bacon, tongs and paper plates. After further investigation, the 4:00 p.m-7:00 p.m. happy hour offers a buffet of free bacon. Considering my cholesterol levels and the fact that I planned on eating hot wings later, I focused my attention away from the bushel of bacon and to the television and ESPN.

The walls at Bacon are adorned with pictures of Packers, Brewers and Bucks players; some are signed while some are simply amazing pieces of sports photography. Other immortals grace the walls; there’s a picture of Ali dominating his opponent and there’s a signed photo of Evil Knievel flying through the Las Vegas air on his infamous red, white and blue Harley Davidson - pretty cool.

As game time approached, Pink Floyd’s “Learning To Fly” was slowly turned down for the always-amusing ESPN segment, “C’mon Man!” Once Aaron Rogers graced the screen tossing some warm-up throws, the back entertainment area of the bar cleared out leaving a pool and air hockey table vacant. I mentioned the fact that they had an air hockey table to my girlfriend which forced a “we should play” from her mouth. One stale look at her and then refocusing my glare to the television made my feelings clear on the subject: it’s time for football, darlin’.

With plenty of time before the end of happy hour ($1.00 off all drinks) with drinks in hand, we were ready for the NFL season. I had my standard Jack and Diet (it’s always good to test the pour of a standard cocktail – not too light and not to heavy, very nice) and my girlfriend was enjoying the bacon bloody, which, as you can imagine, included a strip of bacon and bacon-infused vodka. The bacon flavor was surprisingly subtle, leaving the standard flavors of the drink the stars. Overall, a good bloody.

If I had been in the beer drinking mood, I would’ve been in good company as they have 15 available tappers and rotate in new suds almost every week. It housed some impressive names: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Beer, Shiner Bock, 312, Fox Barrel and Alaskan IPA to name a few. Also, the coolers that flank the taps were taught with more beer than Carter’s has liver pills!

Bacon is also heavy on the events and specials. When the Packers play, there is free food at halftime, free shots when they score and $1.00 off all drinks during the game. Not to mention, trivia nights, karaoke, live music, free pool Tuesday’s, double-bubble happy hours and ladies night on Thursday’s. A serious cornucopia of good reasons to drink, eat and play any night of the week.

It’s International Bacon Day every day at the Saloon On Calhoun With Bacon (the official Bacon Day lands on the Saturday prior to Labor Day, Sept. 1). Whether you have a bacon bloody, enjoy the free bacon buffet or the multitude of bacon options on the menu, the salty goodness of our porky little friends always enhances your salad bowl of life.


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