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Just Desserts: A Primary To Remember
What the gubernatorial candidates are thinking, and the problem with turnout.

MH: I’m just glad I can stop getting fliers in my mail for the 19th Assembly District primary that Brostoff won.

CH: I’m really going to miss Chris Moews’ radio ads, though. He liked to remind people to vote for him, however they pronounce his five-letter last name.

MH: Even after hearing the instructions, I still wanted to call him Chris Meows, which I’m sure no hardened street criminal ever has.

CH: There weren’t many surprises last night, except for, perhaps, the 6th Congressional District.

MH: I had picked Grothman, but Leibham has serious name recognition in a large part of the district, and more than I had accounted for. Grothman really pushed him back to the boundaries of his senate district, which was impressive. What’s going through Mary Burke’s head right now?

CH: She’s thinking that was a nice little test run. Hulsey was never going to be a serious threat, unlike perhaps Kathleen Vinehout, but what might be worrying her is voter turnout. According to the JS, it’s estimated to have been the ultra-vague “at least 10 percent,” which is still quite a bit lower than the GAB’s earlier prediction of 15 percent.

MH: That’s vaguely disheartening.

CH: Yeah. This underlines the trend of turnout being lower in non-presidential election years, and lower turnout historically hurts Democrats. Because of this, I’d think she’d be gearing up her “get out the vote” people.

MH: Certain people say that Walker is paradoxically attacking her from the left, on corporate subsidies, hoping to hurt her turnout. The governor said last night he was expecting a close race, and he’d put on a pair of blue jeans for the occasion. So looks like he’s getting ready to hit some doors.

CH: Maybe he’ll wear his Harley gloves for all that knocking. But, yeah, I think he’s changing his tune a bit based on how tight the race could be. It seems like ever since the last MU poll came out, a lot of national publications have picked up the same narrative. What do you think he’s thinking right now? Besides, “Where the heck are my darn gloves.”

MH: “Let’s talk about Act 10 some more.” Burke has largely avoided the topic. No matter what the local impact, it’s nothing like the impressions that the protests made, of Armageddon, and so Walker is left looking foresighted and like the political turtle winning the race. How’s that for a narrative. I just got an email from a reader who took issue with me describing Moews’ campaign as low-key. This commenter says it was, in fact, “dishonest, despicable and vicious.”

CH: I think our readers would choose different adjectives almost every time if we let them.

MH: I’m a hair surprised Marina Dimitrijevic didn’t advance. And that David Cullen actually wants to serve as county treasurer, the single boringest job in Southeastern Wisconsin. He seemed like such a lively guy the one time I interviewed him.

CH: Please explain why that would be the boringest job.

MH: It’s supposed to only require about an hour of work a day.

CH: It’s a full-time position?

MH: Yes indeed. Including lunch.

CH: Back to Walker and Burke, let’s speculate on what each will do if he or she loses.

MH: Speculating on what Walker would do is like speculating about what a porpoise would do if removed from salinated water.

CH: He’ll just ride off into the sunset on his Harley?

MH: Not possible. He’d probably still run for president. He’d be in a much worse position, but I don’t think he’d give up the dream. Would Burke return to a life of philanthropy or branch out into something new?

CH: I can see her staying in the education realm or continuing her philanthropy. Maybe she’d start her own education-based foundation.

MH: Thanks, folks, that’s all we have time for. Wait – one last thing – I made this banner for the 6th Congressional District race. Something to tie together all of our coverage. Or anyone else’s, if they want to use it. I was going to call it “Cows vs. Pumpkins” because Grothman (left) has a cow in the background of the campaign photo provided and Leibham (right) has a nice selection of pumpkins. Again, we're not alleging that either of these men make squeaking sounds, only that the race is tight.


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