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Werner Herzog's Texting PSA Features Milwaukee Family
You can watch the chilling documentary here.

A Milwaukee family makes an emotional appearance in filmmaker Werner Herzog’s new documentary, From One Second to the Next, which includes devastating testimonials from both victims and perpetrators of texting and driving.

“There's a completely new culture out there,” Herzog told the Associated Press. “I'm not a participant of texting and driving — or texting at all — but I see there's something going on in civilization which is coming with great vehemence at us.”

The documentary’s first chapter, “The X Man,” features Milwaukee’s 8-year-old Xzavier, along with his mother and his sister. In October 2010, Xzavier was hit by a woman texting and driving while he crossed the street with his sister. He is paralyzed from the diaphragm down.

“I had my brother in my hand,” his sister says in the documentary. “And all of a sudden my hand was empty.”

The film is sponsored by AT&T and will be distributed to over 40,000 high schools and hundreds of safety organizations.

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