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Morning Links for Aug. 13, 2013
Crimes and punishments, fair attendance and adult conversations.
Drug sentences, one guilty verdict and some local police-related adult discussions. Sounds like a barrel o'fun to get your morning started off right. Read on! 
  • Attorney General Eric Holder announced yesterday that the federal government would no longer enforce minimum sentencing rules for non-violent drug crimes, a measure to deter a high - and unsustainable - rate of incarceration. 
  • Move over, children. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn would like to have an adult conversation with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. For what? In response to Mayor Barrett's request for $500,000 to pay police overtime, Vos said the city must prove it can police effectively because the police have "made errors over time, reducing the number of sworn officers that are actually hired and on the streets." Flynn responded saying Vos was "intentionally misinformed." 
  • The A.V Club Milwaukee delivers the sad news that the tenth Art vs. Craft fair will be its last. 
  • Whitey Bulger, one of Boston's most notorious organized crime figures, was found guilty yesterday of a slew of crimes, including 11 murders. Bulger had been on the run for the last 16 years until he was discovered in Santa Monica, Cal. 
  • Attendance at the Wisconsin State Fair topped one million people, the first time its done so since 1969. The fair is now in its 163rd year. 

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