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Morning Links for Thursday, August 1
Food-on-stick, a zombie run, and tawdry Simon Cowell!
Peel open those eyelids. We've got some news for you. Today's Morning Links is better than a double shot of espresso:

  • Cream puffs! Trained baboons! Weird Al Yankovic! Yes, the Wisconsin State Fair starts today. Put on your loosest-fitting clothes, because it’s time to eat like there’s no tomorrow. Click here to make your food-on-a-stick dreams come true.

  • Edward Snowden – the U.S. National Security Agency defense contractor who revealed details of classified surveillance programs – has officially been granted political asylum. His lawyer says he’s been granted legal status in Russia for one year.

  • Fun runs come in all stripes, some featuring costumes and obstacle courses. How about a 5-K Zombie Run? This would require dousing yourself in fake blood and stumbling around like, well, a zombie. Sign me up!

  • "X-Factor” host Simon Cowell is gonna be a daddy! But it gets better. He knocked up his friend’s wife, effectively dragging him down into a messy divorce case. Oh, and did we mention that the pregnant woman is said to be a gold digger? Salacious!

  • So we all know it's not a good time to be Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun. What about New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez? Amid claims the baseball player used performance-enhancing drugs, some baseball officials reportedly would like to see A-Rod banned for life.

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