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GOP Voters Need Change They Can Believe In
And a new poll says some of it should come from within the party.
The results of a new Pew Research Center poll say that GOP-leaning voters want change. And having lost the last two elections, voters in the poll said that simply changing the Republican message will likely not be enough. The change the report attempts to discern is both in leadership and policy.

Voters were asked their opinions on the likely front runners in the 2016 presidential election, and where they thought the GOP should stand on mostly social issues. But as you'll note below, 
in all cases except for "gun policy," the majority of respondents thought that the party's position was either too conservative or not conservative enough.

GOP Voters Divided over Party's Stances on Abortion, Gay Marriage 

And as for the most favorably viewed Republican leaders, whose public perception is likely to boost their chances in the 2016 election, Paul Ryan came out ahead of Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie. John Boehner fared surprisingly well considering the next infographic, and Walker is somewhat curiously left off the list. 

Among GOP Figures, Ryan Viewed Most Favorably

Could Ryan's appeal be that breath of fresh air to usher more conservative policies? Possibly, because as this graphic shows, we're currently in the summer of discontent with the current crop of GOP leaders. 

No Clear Republican Party Leader

All infographics courtesy of Pew Research Center. 

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