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More Lakefront to Love
A brewery's expansion, and the craft beer bubble.

                                                Photo via Shutterstock

More Local Success

It’s no secret that Lakefront Brewery sells plenty of beer. But it was especially evident last week when the brewery announced that it would expand its cold storage and distribution warehouse (218 E. Keefe Ave.) by nearly 7,000 square feet. A release by the brewery notes that production has almost doubled in the last two years and that in 2013 Lakefront produced more than 40,000 barrels. The new space should add 10 full-time and 20 part-time jobs in the next two years. Way to go, Lakefront.


An Interesting Take on the Craft Beer Bubble

A great article in Bon Appetit talks about the crowded craft beer shelves in stores and how marketing plays into the craft beer scene now (marketing plans are a relatively new concept for brewers who have relied mainly on taste to sell their brews). I agree that the market is full of options, and the multitude of choices can be confusing to new beer drinkers. On the positive side, more competition serves as quality control. Quite simply, new brewers can’t suck. If they do, they’ll have trouble earning space on those crowded beer shelves.


Barley Pop of the Week

I had a recent visit from friends who spent the day driving from Asheville, North Carolina. To reward them for their efforts, I opened my last bottle of Bourbon County Backyard Rye. Eight months in storage didn’t alter the original flavor too much. I expected some of the jammy berry flavor to fade, but thankfully it didn’t. The Backyard Rye also has a wonderful rich, dark chocolate flavor that works perfectly with the berries, and is another example of Bourbon County at its best. The only disappointment I had while sipping on this world-class beer was the fact that I don’t have any more stashed away.


Quick Taps

Sadly, I did not make it to Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison over the weekend. One of these years I’ll get there.

Bells announced that Mars IIPA, the first release in the brewery’s Planets Series, is being shipped this week. No idea on how much will make it to Wisconsin, but keep an eye out for it.

Advertising Age posted an article last week about Anheuser-Busch InBev creating a sizable Chicago office for a good portion of its marketing team. With MillerCoors already in the Windy City, it certainly is turning into a stronghold for the big brewers.


Events Brewing

Wednesday, August 13: Taste each of the 12 Sierra Nevada Beer Camp styles at Best Place (901 W. Juneau Ave.) from 6 to 9 p.m. All it costs is $10.

Wednesday, August 13: Tripels are the topic of discussion at Bierklasse at Cafe Hollander (2608 N. Downer Ave). Cost is $30, and the event starts at 7 p.m. Make a reservation by emailing bierklasse@lowlandsgroup.com.

Thursday, August 14: Another amazing event at Ray’s Growler Gallery (8930 W. North Ave.) takes place when Black Husky takes over the taps. Get a growler filled with Pembine’s finest brewery from 5 to 8 p.m.

Friday, August 15: Try a few tasty samples from Hinterland at Discount Liquor Milwaukee (5031 W. Oklahoma Ave.) from 4 to 7 p.m.

Friday, August 15: Crazy brews from Mobcraft come to Discount Liquor Waukesha (919 N. Barstow Ave.) from 4 to 7 p.m.

Saturday, August 16: Mobcraft hands out samples at Discount Liquor Milwaukee from noon to 3 p.m.

Saturday, August 16: Discount Liquor Waukesha gets a visit from Hinterland from noon to 3 p.m.

Saturday, August 16: Try red beers at Three Cellars (7133 S. 76th St.) from 1 to 4 p.m.

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