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Morning Links for July 8, 2013
Purple pipe dreams, weekend fire and John Mayer
Summerfest is over. Console yourself with these links.

  • Adam Tanner at Forbes says to never give stores your ZIP code. He explains why.
  • The Journal Sentinel has the story of Milwaukee's "purple pipe dreams." The proposed plan would used purple pipes to deliver semi-treated water safe for some purposes (drinking excluded) to a new water business district in Walker's Point.
  • At least 43 people are dead after the Egyptian army shot supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi during a vigil. Exactly what happened is still being pieced together.
  • The Milwaukee County Courthouse and Public Safety Building will be closed today and tomorrow following a weekend fire. The fire caused power to go out in an area of Downtown, including the responding fire station.
  • At his Saturday night Summerfest concert, John Mayer gave a heartfelt speech to Katy Perry — which elicited quite the screams from the crowd.

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