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Morning Links for July 5, 2013
Voucher schools, scheduled childbirths and a big electric chainsaw.

News below, but just to get it out of the way, here's a Paula Deen story, on her agent "separating" from her after the racial slur flap.

  • Injuries resulted from a number of shootings last night, the Journal Sentinel has just reported.
  • Who is screaming on the Trayvon 911 call? His mother testifies, and the Miami Herald reports.
  • The Fox News reporter subpoenaed by the judge in the Aurora, Colo., shooting case says this is scarier than the time she was chased with an electric chainsaw, the conservative Daily Caller website says.
*Celeb chef Paula Deen's name was incorrectly spelled in an earlier version of this post. We regret the error.

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