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Cut Lines for July 5, 2013
A new Milwaukee retail store and the most expensive beauty products.

Image courtesy of Third Coast Style. 

Get your fashion fix right here. 
  • BuzzFeed asked an expert to evaluate the world's most expensive beauty products to decipher what's really worth it. Nail polish made with black diamonds? That's a negative. 
  • Water Street's newly dubbed Fashion District is getting a new store called Third Coast Style (514 N. Water St.). Owner Patrice Procopio said in a statement that the store will have a single-chair salon and gallery space in addition to "an opportunity for young designers and artists to create and sell their clothing and art."
  • For fashion journos and designers alike, a good general rule of thumb is to keep abreast of Cathy Horyn's thoughts on fashion. The issue of the day is couture.  
  • To feed your Friday browsing habit, Styleite has 48 editorials that capture retro Americana.  
  • Flirt (317 N. Broadway) is offering a 20-30 percent discount on everything in store through the weekend. 

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