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The Scott Walker Newspaper Video Gang Rush
Lots to watch of Scotty W., who goes on to endorse a broader path to citizenship for immigrants.

Scott Walker MIGHT run for
president, and, if so, he might have to answer questions about immigration. And during an interview with the Wausau Daily Herald, he previewed what his answers MIGHT sound like. "People [who] want to come here and work hard in America  I don't care where they come from, Mexico or Canada or Ireland or Germany or South Africa or anywhere else  I want them here," he told the newspaper in a video that makes a nice supplement to the editorial board chit chat also released today, by the Journal Sentinel.

"To me," he says, "if people want to come and live the American dream, if they want to work hard and [have] self-determination and have their kids have a better life ... Not only do I think they need to fix things for people who are already here and find some way to deal with that, there's got to be a larger way to fix the system in the first place."

He goes on, "You hear some people talk about border security and a wall. To me, I don't think you need any of that if you had a better, saner way to let people into the country in the first place."

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