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Morning Links for July 3, 2013
Step right up. We've got your fireworks, health care reform and Bucks news.

Rain, rain go away. Come back not on fireworks day. Kill some time by reading these great links, curated especially for you by the Milwaukee Magazine staff.

  • If you’re planning on staking out ground for the fireworks tonight, you might have wanted to start yesterday. The Journal Sentinel has the story of just how early people start laying down blankets.
  • The conviction for Wausau couple Dale and Leilani Neumann was upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court yesterday. The couple was convicted of second degree homicide after their 11-year-old daughter died from a treatable form of diabetes when the couple chose to forgo medical treatment and use prayer.
  • An author has made Amazon.com's bestseller list for selling a book with completely blank pages. And yes, he expects some hate mail. Here's how he did it.
  • The Obama administration announced they’re delaying the requirement for companies to provide health care to their employees or face fines. The new deadline is set for after the 2014 elections. Coincidence? Probably not.
  • If you’re waiting for the Milwaukee Bucks to sign a big-name free agent – or any free agent, for that matter – well, you’ll have to keep waiting. They’ve swung and missed at a few, while watching two of their own – Mike Dunleavy and J.J. Redick – leave for other teams. But if you want a solid primer on what’s happened so far, and what might happen in the near future, head over to Brewhoop.com, where Dan Sinclair details the "wonderful and terrifying possibilities."

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