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Buy Jeppa Joe’s
The food truck is looking for (and may have already found) a new owner.

Jeff Steckel of Jeppa Joe’s sent out a rather intriguing Tweet last week.

That’s right. Steckel is moving to Madison, and selling the whole Jeppa Joe’s kit and caboodle. Or cart, truck and business anyway. 

Steckel tells us he has a potential buyer but is keeping the name mum. We just hope he keeps the pork banh mi.

Here at Milwaukee Magazine, we’ve made no secret of our love of Jeppa’s ‘wiches. We gave their sandwiches a nod in our 2012 Best Of issue. We also mentioned the truck in our 2013 City Guide issue in a rundown of food trucks.

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Puddlejumpers Charity Picnic Posted: 7/4/2013 6:11:05 PM
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How we are going to miss you. I found out when I tried to get him to puddlejumpers charity picnic at the West Allis lanes on July 27, 2013 for the Wounded Warrior Project from 11am-5pm. Hope you all can attend.
jarball Posted: 7/3/2013 6:39:49 PM
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Best sandwiches in MKE!
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