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Morning Links for July 30, 2013
You've been waiting for this, haven't you?
As far as we're concerned, Tuesdays are just one day closer to Friday. Let's get to the good stuff. 
  • Is it official? It sure feels like it. Especially when Walker gives a stump speech and compares himself to FDR. 
  • State Fair kicks off on Thursday so in order to prepare, please read about its very own Puff Daddy. 
  • Leave it to New York to have one sensational mayoral race. Today The New York Times asks that ever-vexing Weiner question: why did he do it? On the other hand, FoxNews.com has pointed us in the direction of Democratic criticism of the three current scandal plagued Democrats, as well as the sex scandal "double standard."
  • Drive a Chevy? Then you'll probably like the Gizmodo's evolution of the car brand's bow-like logo over the course of 100 years. 
  • New information has been learned about the Inca's human sacrifices, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

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