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Morning Links for July 29, 2013
On the menu this morning: Milwaukee athletes, unsolved murders and coffee changes.
Make sure you're the most-informed person at your Monday mornings meetings with this great sampling of today's news.

  • Your favorite coffee might have a new name starting today. Alterra Coffee announced yesterday that its name will change to Colectivo Coffee. The change comes after the end of a three-year deal with Mars, which will retain full rights to the Alterra name. The JS has more. And for more on the Milwaukee coffee scene, check out our feature from 2012 "Coffee Wars."
  • Yahoo Sports is in the midst of a contest determining the No. 1 greatest athlete in Milwaukee. A top 10 list was released this morning, and voting results will be published Aug. 2.
  • An analysis by the Gannett Wisconsin Media Investigative Team found nearly 300 murders have gone unsolved in Wisconsin in the past decade, 81 percent of those in Milwaukee.
  • Reza Aslan, a religious scholar who is currently promoting his book about Jesus, got a surprise when he went on Fox News late last week. The anchor repeatedly asked Aslan why a Muslim would be interested in the founder of Christianity. "Because it’s my job as an academic," he told her at one point. The appearance has been getting quite a bit of negative media attention since.
  • Fast Company takes a look at the life of an Ebay Now courier. The service delivers the same goods we've come to expect from online retailers such as Ebay, Amazon and the like — all within one hour.

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