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Walker Explains Campaigning to Mitt Romney
By telling him how he could have won Wisconsin.

Perhaps it was the altitude. Perhaps it was political inexperience. And perhaps it was disingenuous. But last night, Gov. Scott Walker said, "Nobody cares about rich guys," and he wasn't whining.

At a summit of Republican governors, Walker hazarded to explain how Mitt Romney could have won the Badger State.

"I still contend in my state, if Mitt Romney had made the 'R' next to his name, like I did, stand for 'reformer' rather than 'rich guy'nobody care about rich guyshe would have carried Wisconsin and every one of those battleground states," he said.

The mountain air elicited more straight talk from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. "We've got to stop being the stupid party," he said, and Chris Christie, who joked about his good looks, was heard remarking, "There's no sense in having kids if you can't brainwash them."

Full story from the Aspen Times.

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