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What Face for the Flexible Option?
How to brand the first "flexible" degree program offered by a public university system.
As the UW System rolls out its new "Flexible Option" for adult and nontraditional students, officials are pondering which logo best captures the program's spirit.

UW campuses around the state are offering "competency-based degrees" that require students to pass tests (and thereby demonstrate competency in certain areas). In theory, adult students with on-the-job or military experience could use the system to leap-frog over the subject-area courses required by traditional degree programs.

Option 1

Simple, flexible and not a serif in sight.

Option 2

A design that would have tickled Benoit Mandelbrot, no doubt.

Option 3

A serious logo for serious people.

Option 4

The Van Wilder option. The Flexible Option is as fun and free-spirited as a freshman year at UW-Madison, without having to subsist on the soggy Froot Loops you trap in your hair like flies in a spiderweb.

The UW System has been running a web survey/advertisement through Google pitting logo against logo against logo against logo.

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