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Morning Links for July 24, 2013
This could spark a Lady Gaga song about Ryan Braun.

What do Ryan Braun, Chris Abele and Lady Gaga have in common? You can read about all of them in the next five minutes.

  • Popular hamburger joint Sobelman's is fighting back against rumors and the resulting collateral damage on social media. But it's a battle made all the harder because owner Dave Sobelman says he's not completely sure just what the rumors are. WTMJ has more details as well as the audio from an interview with Sobelman.
  • Milwaukee's latest plan to keep its municipal workers within the city: deny raises to those who live outside of the city. The ordinance, which exempts firefighters and police, was passed by the Common Council Tuesday and has the backing of Mayor Tom Barrett. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the story.
  • The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Milwaukee County War Memorial have a funding deal in place, but County Executive Chris Abele doesn't like it. The County Board will vote Thursday on the 10-year agreement, which Abele says has an annual cost of about $300,000 more than he prefers. Read more about it in the Business Journal.
  • And finally, a pop quiz. What are the lyrics to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"? Don't know? Then you must not have been at the Milwaukee auditions for Season 10 of "American Idol." Apparently, folks there had to learn the song, particularly a country singer named Scotty McCreery, who won the season and shared the story with his Twitter followers over the weekend. We learned this via Yahoo Music. But no, we still haven't learned any Lady Gaga lyrics.

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