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Morning Links for July 22, 2013
The Royal baby is coming! And more less exciting news.
The day has finally arrived! The Royal baby is on his or her way. Now let's all get back to watching Twitter for the first news of the most important person ever. 

  • The Iron Horse Hotel is now offering a complimentary car to its guests, courtesy of a partnership with Heiser Automotive.
  • The Royal baby is on the way. Every media outlet in the world is reporting that Duchess Kate is in the early stages of labor at St. Mary's Hospital. According to USA Today, the official word came via Twitter. That has to be a first.
  • The Journal Sentinel has a series titled "Chronic Crisis" about Debbie Sweeney and her son Rob, a 25-year-old diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Part two in the series tells the story of their attempt to find help in California.
  • Detroit, the largest city to file for bankruptcy, is getting some flack over its plan to cut pension spending. Despite the challenges, Chuck Salter at Fast Company says the filing represents a positive change for the city: fast action after inneffectiveness.

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