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Stay at Marquette
Over the summer, the dorms play home to everyone from Festa Italiana Sicilian Band performers to wedding parties.

Apparently, when Marquette students are away, the Festa Italiana Sicilian Band performers will come to play. For real. They’ll arrive Saturday. Every summer, some Marquette residence halls and apartment buildings turn into part-time hostels for traveling groups, wedding parties, conventions or anyone who really needs a bed. You can get a room for as low as $46 per night. We got our hands on the university’s list of summer reservations, and it’s pretty great.

Here are some of our favorite guests:

  • 350 members of the “School of Rock” 
  • Students in Marquette professor Dr. William Cullinan’s brain dissection course
  • 17 bikers from Bike Across America
  • The Festa Italiana Sicilian Band performers
  • A wedding party

Marquette accepts reservations through Aug. 5.

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