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Morning Links for July 18, 2013
Goth Barbie, "Breaking Bad," and what not to wear to work in the summer.
Steamy weather can't take down an edition of Morning Links. You will have a day's work of topics to talk about after reading these nuggets:

  • What?? Scientists have deduced that older adults who are concerned about their memories “had more likelihood” of showing signs of early dementia later on. Are you worrying about your memory? Fuhgetaboutit!

  • “Goth” Barbie? Say what? Toy maker Mattel is reporting that while sales of Barbie dolls have dropped, the line of freaky looking Monster High dolls is going gangbusters.

  • The Emmy noms are out. “Game of Thrones,” Breaking Bad,” “Arrested Development”? See if your fave shows made the list.  

  • Listen up. Everybody needs to know what NOT to wear to the office in summer. (Bandeau top at your workplace? Don’t do it.) Success means knowing what not to put on your body.

  • This Paula Deen business just won't go away. The latest development is that a group of rabid PD supporters have launched a butter wrapper campaign. We kid you not.

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