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Brunching at Cafe Perrin
Would you like a little pork belly with that doughnut?

Photo courtesy of Cafe Perrin

Last month Café Perrin (5901 W. Vliet St.) posted a photo on its Facebook page of a new brunch item. The addition coincided with the arrival of chef Christian Schroeder (an alum of Prodigal and Von Trier) to the Perrin team. The restaurant's lunch and dinner menus have been revamped and its patio redesigned. But let’s circle back to brunch. The doughnut is an important piece of food Americana. The Pilgrims made doughnuts! As for the Perrin creation (shown above), its is hard to deny the sweet-savory appeal of pork belly doughnuts, served here with apple preserves. Best thing is weekend brunch is only a couple of days away. Served Saturdays and Sundays, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.  

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