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Morning Links for July 17, 2013
Paul McCartney isn't the only thing worth checking out.

Perhaps Milwaukee can find a way to channel Sir Paul McCartney's concert energy into Mayor Tom Barrett's new citywide sustainability initiative.

  • Folks are still recovering from an epic Miller Park concert by a musician named Sir Paul McCartney. Apparently, the 71-year-old used to play in a band called Wings. Although traffic stunk and there were some apparent ticket snafus (FOX6 news anchor Ted Perry was among those affected and vented a bit on Twitter), the concert by and large drew rave reviews. Perry included.
  • Miller Park was available for the McCartney gig, in part, because the Milwaukee Brewers were on their All-Star Game break. A pair of Brewers, Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura, played in Tuesday night's Midsummer Classic, making a few fine defensive plays once they entered the game as substitutes. But the big star of the show was New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, who's retiring after this year and is a lock to make the Hall of Fame. Knowing it was Rivera's final All-Star Game, players from both teams let him take his warmup pitches on an empty field in one of those memorable baseball moments. Rivera provided the game's lasting image by tipping his cap to everyone in acknowledgement, and players returned the gesture. Rivera even earned the game's MVP award, which came with a hug from Commissioner Bud Selig, for pitching a scoreless eighth inning, retiring Segura and Gomez in the process.
  • Stunning video was unveiled at the trial of 76-year-old John Spooner, who's accused in the death of 13-year-old neighbor Darius Simmons. The video, taken from a surveillance camera inside Spooner's residence, appears to show him shooting Simmons on the sidewalk that runs in front of their Milwaukee homes. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has posted the video and has more coverage of the trial.
  • Health officials are concerned about an Aurora Sinai patient who'd been quarantined after being infected with an antibiotic-resistant superbug. The bacteria, known as carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, kills about half of those who contract it. WTMJ-AM 620 has more.
  • The Business Journal has details on Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's Tuesday announcement about the city's new sustainability initiative. Barrett hopes the efforts serve as a equal boosts to the local economy and environment.
  • And finally, an old Milwaukee local news promo is getting some new play thanks to Huffington Post. Seems they stumbled upon YouTube video of a 1980s clip from Milwaukee's TV-6 (now FOX6). Ahh, the '80s. You had to be there to understand.

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