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Morning Links for July 16, 2013
Not-so-subtle songs, the minimum wage debate and more.
Is it Friday yet? No. Will reading these links help you get there? Maybe. 
  • U.S. Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore is jumping on the bandwagon with those who think the minimum wage should be raised. 
  • As we reported, Milwaukee Downtown likely absentmindedly set its "Cya Milwaukee" promotional video to Peaches' not-at-all subtle genitalia-themed song "Downtown." Accordingly, A.V. Club Milwaukee satirically selected five additional "not at all" sexual songs Milwaukee Downtown could have chosen.
  • In a victory for Mexican and U.S. authorities (not to mention citizens on both sides of the border), Mexican marines have arrested the head of the Zetas drug cartel, according to The Guardian.  
  • Panda twins were born in the Atlanta Zoo, the first set of panda twins born in the U.S. since 1987. (The link includes video of these hairless wonders, too.)
  • The Los Angeles Times posits whether Eric Snowden is digging himself into deeper trouble with his latest revelation

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