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Parody Press
Gutenberg! The Musical! at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater Aug. 24-Oct. 14

As you can tell from the exclamation marks, Gutenberg! The Musical! doesn’t take its subject matter too seriously. But you might not expect that it parodies much more than the inventor of the printing press. First developed at legendary improv group Upright Citizens Brigade, Scott Brown and Anthony King recount the efforts of two Broadway wannabes looking for money to stage a musical. With nary a Google’s worth of research, the authors spin a story about Johannes Gutenburg’s struggle to commit humanity’s ideas to paper (with help from his lovely assistant, Helvetica) and his battle with the evil monk, Monk, who wants to keep The Dark Ages dark. Rep director Laura Gordon brings wit and staging savvy to the Stackner Cabaret.

Gutenberg! The Musical! (Aug. 24-Oct. 14). Milwaukee Repertory Theater. Stackner Cabaret. 108 E. Wells St., 414-224-9490, milwaukeerep.com.

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