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The Morning Links for July 15, 2013
Start your week right.
Start your week on the right note by informing yourself of all that's new. Start here.

  • The Journal Sentinel takes a look at the effects of the affordable care act's insurance mandate on home care workers in Wisconsin.
  • Self-defense proved too hard to disprove in the trial of George Zimmerman. The New York Times analyzes some of the reasons why. In Milwaukee, more than 125 protested the decision.
  • Paul Fanlund at the Cap Times opines on what the next year might hold for Wisconsin politics. It's not pretty.
  • The Atlantic Cities posted an interesting social media/dining hybrid: a map of the most talked-about burgers based on Twitter data. While the data seems to be a little wonky (BurgerVille, a chain that doesn't exists outside Washington State, apparently won Milwaukee), the map is still pretty intriguing.

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