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On The Marquee for the Week of July 15, 2013
Katniss, Groban, Bueller and more this week.

Still from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

After the paucity of options of two weeks prior, we’ve got a week filled to the brim with cinematic goodies for all to partake in! And the week starts with….

Monday, July 15: The Hunger Games (also runs July 16 and 17)

10pm @ AMC Mayfair 18 ($3!)

….a movie I didn’t like that much! Sure, there’s some interesting ideas at work here about our reality TV culture and how what we really crave is something closer to a reality graft onto prepackaged narratives, but the drama at the center of the picture is not that engrossing. We’re never really that concerned for Katniss’ (Jennifer Lawrence, doing her best) safety, possibly because she spends what seems like 45 minutes of the runtime hiding in a tree and pulling Home-Alone-style pranks on her opponents. But Woody Harrelson is sporting an all-time wig and there’s a breadmaker named Peeta, so it’s entirely possible I was too hard on the picture initially. What better time to give it a second chance than through AMC’s summer program with the benefits going towards a good cause?

Tuesday, July 16: Josh Groban: All That Echoes Artist Cut

7:30pm @ Marcus South Shore & Marcus Majestic Cinema ($15)

This is one for all you Grobanites (Grobaniacs? Groboids?) out there. This one-night-only screening of this concert film showcases an intimate February performance along with a fan Q&A. This ‘artist cut’ features a special introduction from the Grobster (Grobes? Groby?) along with a behind-the-scenes look from the making of his latest album. All jokes aside, anybody who would be willing to make the video below is alright in my book, so Grob on you crazy diamond.

Wednesday, July 17: Mississippi

7:30 (doors open 6:30 p.m.) @ Charles Allis Art Museum ($7/5/free for General Admission/Seniors and Students/Museum members)

Charles Allis kicks off its film series tribute to Bing Crosby with this comedy musical starring Bing alongside the legendary W.C. Fields. Fields plays the captain of a riverboat who hires Crosby for his riverboat revue believing him to be the infamous ‘Singing Duelist’. The film also features Joan Bennett as the love interest and a Rogers and Hart score to boot! In lieu of a trailer, enjoy watching Bing sing “Swanee River” from the film:

Friday, July 19: The Way, Way Back
@ The Oriental Theatre (check here soon for showtimes)

I’m going to leave most of my juice for my forthcoming review, but my critic’s pick designation should suggest to you that you should go way way out of your way to catch this coming-of-age picture. Some of the finest performances of the year (cough, cough, Sam Rockwell, cough) help frame this emotionally honest coming-of-age story, with Oscar-winning screenwriters Nat Faxon and Jim Rash (Dean Pelton from “Community”) knocking their first-time directorial effort out of the park. Definitely check this one out.

Saturday and Sunday, July 20-21: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

10:30am @ Times Cinema ($4)

And as has become custom in the On the Marquee column, we close out our week with the Times and their weekend matinee series, this month celebrating the coming-of-age tale and specifically celebrating it this week with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I might argue against the designation (Ferris learns essentially nothing throughout the picture and is rewarded for being an amoral slickster), but John Hughes is a consummate professional and Matthew Broderick brings next-level charisma to his Patrick Bateman in waiting. Also, watch it with this theory in the back of your mind!

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