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New Desserts at Wicked Hop and Ruby Tap
The charming treats from Milwaukee's Sugar Jar will keep your spoon busy.

Hey, what could be cuter than a dessert inside a Mason jar? Right? Milwaukee baker Mary Van De Weghe recently sweetened up the menu the Third Ward’s Wicked Hop (345 N. Broadway, 414-223-0345) with her desserts-in-a-jar. Van De Weghe, who balances her baking with a full-time job, has quite the repertoire of options. After a few weeks of trying different choices on the Wicked menu, she has narrowed down the offerings to this trio: strawberry-rhubarb crisp, s'mores in a jar, and salted caramel cheesecake ($6 each). The jarred creations drew the attention of Ruby Tap co-owner Sarah Smith when she stopped in the Hop for a meal. So taken with these sweets was Smith that she and her sister/business partner Brooke have added two Sugar Jar desserts to Ruby Tap's menu of small plates. The Tosa wine joint (1342 Wauwatosa Ave., 414-456-1300) opted for the salted caramel cheesecake and strawberry-rhubarb crisp served in mini jars. Sweet news, yes?    

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