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You Should Know The Haymarket Squares
Political protest folk at its finest
Photo courtesy of The Haymarket Squares
In this installment of “You Should Know,” we take a look at a Phoenix band that refers to itself as "Arizona’s premier purveyors of punkgrass.” That's a lot to live up to… I think. You can find out for yourself this weekend as you prepare to meet The Haymarket Squares.

Check Them Out
Saturday night at Frank's Power Plant with This Is Indian Land.

What’s The Big Deal?

In these highly tense political times, it can be difficult to know who to trust for an honest take on the day's events. Some people look to the neatly trimmed, $1,000 suit-wearing politicians for guidance. Others seek out the suspenders-wearing, banjo-wielding truth tellers of protest punk/folk. The type of person looking for the latter will be immediately drawn in by The Haymarket Squares' rambunctious, politically charged brand of bluegrass-tinged angst and rebellion.

With a DIY aesthetic and an endless fuel to rage against the powers that be, The Haymarket Squares made quite a name for itself in the Phoenix coffeehouse and arts scene since forming in 2009. The band has since taken its show on the road, touring extensively, including a month-long tour of Belgium and The Netherlands last fall.


How’s The Latest Album?
The Haymarket Squares has two full-length releases (2009's Punkgrass For The People and 2010's Dancing In The Streets) that blast through subject matter as heated as religion and the existence of God ("The Rapture" and "I Wish There Was A God"), factory farming ("Down On The Farm") and even immigration ("Sheriff Joe"). You can't really tackle issues like this well without having a blazing streak of self-righteousness and a mastery of your instruments, and The Haymarket Squares has both in spades.

The band is currently raising money via IndieGoGo to help release its new, yet-to-be-titled album, which only promises to be more heated and political than ever. Expect to hear songs from the upcoming effort like "Buy My Vote" and "Revolt Resist Rebel" on Saturday night.

What People Are Saying
"The band doesn't deny it makes inherently divisive music, but it also don't particularly care." - Jason P. Woodbury, Phoenix New Times


Listen to tracks off of the band’s two full-length albums here.

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