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Morning Links for July 1, 2013
We have the drug-escaping powers of the hula hoop, the cost of childbirth and more.
Welcome to July. May we offer you a collection of interesting and relevant links?

  • The Journal Sentinel has the story of how one man escaped a life of drug addition with a hula hoop. Yes, a hula hoop.
  • Nineteen firefighters died while fighting a powerful blaze 80 miles northwest of Phoenix. Before Sunday's tragedy, just 21 firefighters had died battling wildfires in Arizona since 1955. An investigation is still underway, but Fire Chief Dan Fraijo of Prescott said, "something drastic happened.”
  • The New York Times breaks down the cost of childbirth. And hold on to your britches because it's a doozey. 
  • The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is expected to release a report on clergy sex abuse, a report estimated at thousands of pages long. Today is the deadline set by a deal made in bankruptcy court.
  • The Chicago-based Tribune Company announced today it is adding 19 TV stations to its roster in a $2.725 billion deal. One of those stations is WITI Fox 6. The deal makes it the largest commercial television station owner in the U.S.

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