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Project Black Board at Black Sheep
Plaid Tuba curates chalk art for a Walker’s Point eatery.

Photos by Jenna Kashou.

A tap wine and hot dog bar? I had my reservations. But actually, they’re haute dogs, and you’ll see that Black Sheep bar/eatery is just as much a stylish visual experience as it is a culinary one.

Black Sheep partnered with creative duo Reginald Baylor and Heidi Witz, a.k.a.  Plaid Tuba, to curate a year-long show of chalk art by local artists called Project Black Board. In July, the artwork of Reginald Baylor Studio and Sara Bott kicked off the first installment of the exhibit, which will rotate two new artists every four months.

Chalkboard paint is mixed with the artist’s traditional medium to create an original work of art (with some permanence) that will be on display on white brick walls, above sleek black banquets.

Baylor and Witz got the idea during one of their frequent visits to Black Sheep, inspired by the great wall space, black and white décor and custom offbeat and irreverent sheep-inspired art. And they figured, “Who else would do something like this?”


The trademark sheep artwork that currently hangs in Black Sheep will be relocated to other areas of the establishment or stored. Owner Keith Harenda says this partnership is another step in Black Sheep’s mission to celebrate all that is unique about Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood.

In the spirit of Plaid Tuba’s slogan “Manufacturing creativity” and their aim to meld art with commerce, all artwork will be for sale, and can be purchased directly through Black Sheep.

Any time you see local businesses supporting local artists, I chalk it up to a win for the city (pun gratuitously intended!).

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