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Morning Links for July 11, 2013
Real Portlanders, Butter queen Paula Deen, and bad news about meat.
Do not -- we repeat, do not -- start your day without the latest installment of Morning Links. Your coworkers -- family, friends, neighbors -- will thank you. 

  • We know you’re getting tired of hearing about Southern-fried butter queen Paula Deen. But come on, a comic book that details Ms. Deen’s rise and fall from grace? Priceless. This is worth the click just to see Deen’s cartoon mug.

  • Who doesn’t love the TV show Portlandia? Quirky characters, funky place. A photog from San Francisco shot a series of portraits of real Portlanders. Do they look as offbeat as the characters on the show? You decide.

  • He’s 60, looks like Woody Allen, and is a self-described expert on kissing. He’s written a book about kissing. Heck, this guy even teaches classes. If you can count the types of kisses on only one hand, you really need to read this. 

  • Um, eew. Food-service supplier Sysco is being investigated for allegedly storing large quantities of raw meat in outdoor sheds. Unrefrigerated...

  • How do you feel about your thighs? Jeans maker Levi's has come out with a new line of jeans that can "alter the wearer's shape." In a good way. Or so the company claims.

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