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Grub on the Go
Food trucks have rolled into Milwaukee in time for lunch and late-night noshing.


Image by Andrea Bartley.

4 Wheel Kitchen
4 Wheel Kitchen offers a cheese steak sub for $7, and recently added simple hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled cheese. The menu is likely to expand further. To track its location, follow 4 Wheel Kitchen on Twitter and look for it at Food Truck Fridays. Contact: 414-704-5173, 4wheelkitchen.com@4wheelkitchen or facebook.com/4wheelkitchen.

American Euros
This cleverly named cart has been selling gyros since 2009, offering options from traditional to vegetarian. The menu is an interesting combination of Greek and American foods, listing grilled cheese, French fries and baklava all on the same page. To track its location, follow American Euros on Twitter. Gyros are $4 and extras range from $1-$2. Contact: 414-852-1608, American-euros.com@americaneuros or facebook.com/pages/American-Euros.

Big Frank’s Wiener Waggin
”Big Frank” moved from New York back to his hometown of Milwaukee, bringing his food truck with him. Big Frank’s serves Usinger’s hot dogs, brats, Italian and Polish sausages, and veggie dogs served with a variety of toppings. Big Frank can be found in Cathedral Square on Food Truck Fridays and updates his location on Twitter. Prices: $4.25-$5. Contact: wheresbigfrank@gmail.com, wheresbigfrank.com @wheresbigfrank or facebook.com/wheresbigfrank.

Cielito Lindo
These taco trucks are an extension of Cielito Lindo’s two Milwaukee restaurants, offering the usual Mexican food menu of tacos, tortas, tostadas and burritos. They can be found on the South Side at the intersections of 17th and Greenfield and 16th and Washington. Prices: under $10. Contact: 414-649-0401 or at cielitolindomilwaukee.com.

Chubby Cheese Truck
Serves gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches ranging from the Chubby Classic to the Chubby Mac (yes, Grilled Mac ’n Cheese) using only Wisconsin dairy products. Find them at Food Truck Fridays in Cathedral Square and Food Truck Tuesdays in Schlitz Park. Prices: $2.50-$6.25. Contact: 414-630-8360, lunchboxladi@att.net@chubbycheesetrk or facebook.com/pages/Chubby-Cheese-Truck.

Lumpylicious Barbecue
This new addition to the Milwaukee food truck scene boasts Memphis-style barbeque sandwiches and full meals. Lumpylicious has its own smoker right in the truck and serves up pulled pork, beef brisket, ribs and chicken. All sauces and rubs are made from scratch. Catch Lumpylicious on Tuesdays at Schlitz Park, Thursdays near the Milwaukee County Courthouse, and at Food Truck Fridays in Cathedral Square. Price range: $6-10. Contact them at 414-779-2258, lumpyliciousbbq@yahoo.com or facebook.com/pages/Lumpylicious-Barbecue.

Ste Martaen Vegan Food Truck
This Chicago-based food truck makes its way up to Milwaukee one to two times per month to share its 100 percent vegan menu. Items include Milwaukee wings, Chicago cheesesteak and spinach quiche, but there is more to chose from. Visit their Milwaukee contact at veganmilwaukee.com for information on when and where the truck will be in town, as well as for current menu options. Prices range from $5-10. Contact Ste Martaen Vegan Food Truck at 312-857-4393, info@stemartaen.com, stemartaen.com, @stemartaen or facebook.com/SteMartaen.

Cold Spoons Gelato
This cart is an extension of the shop Cold Spoons Gelato (5924 W. Vliet St.). It carries three flavors each of gelato and sorbetto, and all six change depending on the day. Prices: small dish $3.25; cone $3.75. Contact: 414-727-9457, info@coldspoonsgelato.com, coldspoonsgelato.com@coldspoons or facebook.com/ColdSpoonsGelato.

Fast Foodie
Fast Foodie serves food from across the globe, each wrapped up in taco fashion. The Globaco, short for “global taco,” offers choices of Jamaican, Korean, Puerto Rican, Greek, Italian and Indian cuisine all served on tortillas. Track their location with the calendar on their website. Globacos: $3. Contact: 414-477-8521, Jackie@thefastfoodieonline.com, thefastfoodieonline.com@fastfoodiemke or facebook.com/thefastfoodiemke.

Frankie’s Sammiches
This tiny, two-wheeled cart specializes in Italian beef sandwiches on the go. You can have your sandwich dry, wet or just dipped in juices and have the option of adding sweet or hot peppers, mozzarella cheese and Frankie’s red sauce. To track the cart’s location, follow Frankie’s on Twitter. All “sammiches” are $5. Contact Frankie’s at 414-301-2141, info@frankiessammiches.com, frankiessammiches.com@frankiessammich or facebook.com/pages/Frankies-Sammiches.

Haute Taco
This Mexican restaurant on wheels serves up tacos, burritos, tortas, quesadillas, empanadas and even salad. Check Haute Taco’s Facebook page to track the truck’s location. Prices: taco $2.50; burrito $5. Contact: 262-781-1110, hautetacotruck.com@HauteTacoTruck or facebook.com/hautetacotruck.

Mangia Mangia
This spiffy food cart, decked out like an American flag, is hard to miss. Started in 2010, Mangia Mangia specializes in hot dogs, sausages and Italian beef. You can find it outside Dukes on Water Street, Rascals on Murray and Scooters Pub on Juneau. Prices: $2.50-$6. Contact: 414-807-3920, mangiamke@yahoo.com, mangia-mke.com@mangiamangiamke or facebook.com/people/Mangia-Mangia-Milwaukee.

Ofelia’s taco cart
This little cart offers beef or chicken tacos, tamales, burritos and tortas. It’s owned by Milwaukee Waterfront Deli (761 N. Water St.). You can generally find it on Water and Mason streets. Prices: $1.75-$10. Contact: 414-220-9300, milwaukeewaterfrontdeli.com or Facebook.com/pages/WaterfrontDeli.

Pita Brothers
Created by brothers Vijay and Manoj Swearingen, this restaurant-on-wheels serves pita wraps on Lebanese flatbread right out of a custom-built electric vehicle. They offer meat and veggie options, and regularly update their whereabouts via Twitter. Prices: $5.50-$6. Contact: 262-320-7482, vijayswearingen@gmail.com, pitabrothers.com@PitaBros or facebook.com/pages/Pita-Brothers.

Red Truck Sliders
This slider truck offers four “Super Sliders” and crunchy and spicy “Kicken’ Fries” with your choice of one of five sauces. They also offer catering services. Track Red Truck Sliders under the “Find Us” tab on their website. Prices: $2-$2.50. Contact: 414-216-3663, redtrucksliders@me.com, redtrucksliders.com@RedTruckSliders or facebook.com/pages/Red-Truck-Sliders.

Satellite Crepes
Satellite Crepes creators Janeen and Dirk Werderich sell organic, freshly made crepes from this self-built cart. Options range from sweet to savory, and for diners with special dietary needs, Satellite Crepes offers a dairy- and egg-free batter made from garbanzo beans. Follow Satellite Crepes on Twitter to track its location. Prices: $4-$8. Contact: 414-807-2320, satellitecrepes@gmail.com, satellitecrepes.com@satellitecrepes or facebook.com/pages/Satellite-Crepes.

Created in 2008, this pizza cart offers pizza by the slice or the whole pie. They have unexpected daily specials that have included s’mores, crab legs and corn dog pizza. To track their location, follow Streetza on Twitter and Facebook. Prices: $3.75 per slice; $17-$21 whole pizza. Contact: 414-215-0021, streetza@gmail.com, streetza.com@streetzapizza or facebook.com/streetzapizza.

Taqueria Arandas
This Mexican food cart is best known for its variety of tacos, but it also serves burritos, tostadas and tortas. Tacos are available in chicken, beef, tongue, steak and tripe. Carts are located on South 37th and National, South 13th and Lincoln, and South 27th and Oklahoma. Tacos: $1.50; everything else is under $5. Contact: 414-419-0467.

Taqueria El Cabrito
An extension of the Taqueria El Cabrito restaurant, these food trucks offer Mexican tacos, tortas, tostadas and burritos at three Milwaukee locations. Trucks can be found at the intersection of Mitchell and Muskego, 30th and Greenfield, and Lapham and Mitchell from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (March 1-Nov. 30). Prices: $1.55-4.75. Contact: 414-385-9000 or Elcabritotaqueria.com.

El Tenampa
El Tenampa specializes in tacos, quesadillas, tortas and gorditas with your choice of steak, pork or chicken. Most of El Tenampo’s ingredients come from the El Rey Supermarket. El Tenampa is usually parked near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus close to the intersection of Downer and Kenwood, Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Prices: $1.50-$4. Contact: 262-547-4860.

This food truck offers a fusion of Asian and Mexican foods. The menu includes egg rolls, tacos, quesadillas and sweet potato fries. To track the location, check the truck’s website or follow Tigerbite on Twitter. Prices: $3.25-$5. Contact: info@tigerbitetruck.comtigerbitetruck.com or @tigerbitetruck.

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