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Summer Auction Preview
My favorites plus a party invitation.
The auction house's (525 E Chicago St.) local summer auction is July 25, but the preview opens tomorrow. The summer auction features a mix of artwork, decorative arts (think vases, lamps, etc.) as well as furniture. There are also lovely porcelain tea services and cobalt blue glassware. Also tomorrow is their  Young Collectors party, which starts at 5 p.m. and lasts until 8 p.m. I hope to see you there. 

Two large estates that were sources for much of this auction's contents are that of Bettie Blunt, a collector, and Mary Griggs-Burke, whose family's vacation home in Cable, Wis., is essentially entirely up for auction. There are also many Eames (in multiple styles and colors) chairs from the East Side branch of the Milwaukee Public Library. It's a wide variety of styles, eras and genres, but the whole point is that there's a little bit for everyone.

And now, if I had tons of spare cash - and space in my apartment - here are few of my favorite items. 

First up is Salvador Dali's hand-colored etching titled Levi. Yes, it's a Dali, and heck yes, I'd bid on it. Why? Because the bidding will start much less than the estimated price of $800-$1,200 and that's a steal for an etching by the man who created this. 

Next (and remember, we're pretending my pockets are deep), I'd bid on this Belleek sherry barrel. It's only about a foot tall, but the stripes are adorable and preppy, and it would be a great punch dispenser for parties. It's got that vintage appeal (of course, because it is) and I haven't seen anything like it. 

To round out my jewelry box, I'd bid on this set of turquoise rings from the estate of Bettie Blunt. It's essentially a turquoise and sterling silver ring for every mood, but they hold up well over time and require little maintenance beyond a little silver polishing. They spice up a summer outfit and are a pretty timeless statement piece. 

Lastly, I'd bid on this set of six white Eames chairs from the Milwaukee Public Library. I'm told that Eames is coming out with a brand new set of fiberglass designs, which will surely add a little more cache to these classic mod - and now modern, again - chairs. 

 All lots for sale in this auction can be found
 The next Milwaukee auction takes place Nov. 7. 

All images courtesy of Leslie Hindman Auctioneers. 

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