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Riled Republicans Take to Twitter
Wisconsin Family Action and the Log Cabin Republicans throw down.
We took a sampling of Republican and conservative Twitter responses to Friday's ruling opening the door to same-sex marriages in Wisconsin. Perhaps the most vigorous debate took place between the account for Wisconsin Family Action and that of the Log Cabin Republicans of Wisconsin, the organization of gay Republicans, though one of the more arresting remarks came from Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander.

Dueling between @WIFamilyAction and @LogCabinGOP - WI began as follows on Friday ...

... and continued this morning.

Most of the big guns in the state, including Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, have maintained Twitter radio silence, but state Sen. Glenn Grothman, who's running for Congress, chimed in.

Lastly, this was @LogCabinGOP - WI's initial response on Friday.

UPDATE: @LogCabinGOP - WI claims to be "winning" its Twitter war with @WIFamilyAction, which has ducked out of the tussle and is instead posting links to Family Research Council surveys.

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