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Maxwell and Richard Thompson Electric Trio
And much more in this week's music roundup.

Tuesday, June 10: Elvis Costello at The Riverside Theater, 7 p.m. ($44.50-$60)

In the late 1970s the literate, bespectacled singer-songwriter Elvis Costello gave literate, bespectacled music critics a rock hero that looked just like them. Throughout an impressive career that includes essential albums My Aim Is True and This Year’s Model, Costello has also been to do something that eludes many life-long musicians: remaining well-respected while growing gray. His latest record, a collaborative effort with The Roots, garnered positive reviews, as the Jimmy Fallon backing band provided a similar touch to Costello’s singing that they do on weekday evenings. Costello isn’t touring with the Late Night musicians or even his usual lads The Imposters; rather expect an off-the-cuff solo performance that could go in any direction. (116 W. Wisconsin Ave., PabstTheater.org)

Also: Pookie and the Poodlez with Primitive Heart and Pow Wow At Bremen Cafe, 9 p.m. (FREE) – (901 E. Clarke St., BremenCafe.com)

And: Spanish Gold at Turner Hall Ballroom, 7 p.m. ($10) – (1032 N. 4th St., PabstTheater.org)

And: Chill on the Hill featuring Extra Crispy Brass Band with Humboldt Park/Journey House CLC Drum Line at Humboldt Park, 6 p.m. (FREE) – (3000 S. Howell Ave., http://www.bayviewneighborhood.org/chill_on_the_hill)

Wednesday, June 11: Morgan Delt with Technicolor Teeth at Cactus Club 9 p.m. ($8) – (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., CactusClubMilwaukee.com)

Also: River Rhythms featuring 5 Card Studs at Pere Marquette Park, 6:30 p.m. (FREE) – (900 N. Plankinton Ave., Westown.org/neighborhood-events/river-rhythms)

Thursday, June 12: Waka Flocka Flame with Mayhem and Yo-Dot at The Rave, 8 p.m. ($23.50-$94)

The Atlanta gangsta rapper Waka Flocka Flame infuses his verses with a cocksure, brazen attitude that often polarizes listeners. His 2010 portmanteau-titled debut record, Flockaveli, landed at number six on the Billboard 200 with its third single, the unstoppable banger and crossover hit “No Hands,” all over mainstream radio. His overproduced follow-up, Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family, was seen as a major let down and after a major blow-up with Gucci Mane on Twitter, Waka was dropped from Mane’s Brick Squad label. Waka seems poised to return to the well—that one with heaps of money and recognition—on his forthcoming release, Flockaveli 2. (2401 W. Wisconsin Ave., TheRave.com)

Also: Kane Place Record Club with Sidewalk Chalk and Black Bear / Brown Bear at Mad Planet, 5 p.m. ($7) – (533 E. Center St, Mad-Planet.net)

And: Bettye LaVett with The Right Now at Turner Hall Ballroom, 7 p.m. ($25) – (1032 N. 4th St., PabstTheater.org)

And: Jazz in the Park featuring Dumpstaphunk at Cathedral Square Park, 5 p.m. (FREE) – (825 N. Jefferson St., http://www.easttown.com/events/jazz-in-the-park)

Friday, June 13: Heidi Spencer and The Rare Birds (album release) with Lyric Advisory Board at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, 9 p.m. ($5)

After a brief run on the British independent label Bella Union, home to Fleet Foxes, The Walkmen, Mountain Man, among others, for her last record, the stunning 2011 full-length, Under Streetlight Glow, Heidi Spencer and The Rare Birds return with perhaps the band’s best material yet on the self-released album, Things I Remember Golden. The group’s heart-breaking, pensive folk tunes belie Spencer’s distinctive handle on abnormal song structures. The openers, Lyric Advisory Board, share a special kinship with Spencer. The outfit features members that helped Spencer through small fits of writer’s block during the lyric process. (1001 E. Locust St., Linnemans.com)

Also: Saintseneca with Blessed Feathers and Painted Caves at Shank Hall, 8 p.m. ($10) – (1434 N. Farwell Ave., ShankHall.com)

And: Jamey Johnson at The Rave, 8 p.m. ($30-$35) – (2401 W. Wisconsin Ave., TheRave.com)

And: Richard Thompson Electric Trio with Christopher Porterfield at The Pabst Theater (Lower Level), 6:30 p.m. ($35) – (144 E. Wells St., PabstTheater.org)

And: Evergreen (album release) at The Miramar Theater, 9 p.m. ($7) – (2844 N. Oakland Ave., TheMiramarTheatre.com)


Saturday, June 14: Maxwell at the Riverside Theater, 7 p.m. ($26.25-$106.25)

Perhaps the most underrated neo-soul singer from the 1990s, Maxwell emerged from a prolonged hiatus with 2009’s BLACKsummer, which debuted at number one, a sure sign that enough die-hard fans hadn’t forgotten the influential crooner. His follow-up was delayed after the singer required surgery to repair vocal swelling and hemorrhaging in 2012. But, fortunately, he’s all healed up now and ready to work out some new material. Milwaukee marks the kick-off to his first tour since going under the knife. (116 W. Wisconsin Ave., PabstTheater.org)

Also: The Calamity Janes (album release) with Ugly Brothers and Hello Death at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, 9 p.m. ($5) – (1001 E. Locust St., Linnemans.com)

And: Whips with Drugs Dragons at Cactus Club, 10 p.m. – (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., CactusClubMilwaukee.com)

And: Sevendust (acoustic set) at The Rave, 8:30 p.m. ($23.50-$94) – (2401 W. Wisconsin Ave., TheRave.com)

Sunday, June 15: Johnny Winter with Tallan Noble Latz at Turner Hall Ballroom, 6:30 p.m. ($32.50)

The 70-year-old blues musician, Johnny Winter, falls at number 74 on David Fricke’s 100 Greatest Guitarists in Rolling Stone, directly mashed between Trey Anastasio and Adam Jones from Tool. Unlike those dudes, however, Winter made a name by hammering harder and faster through songs he didn’t write. He’s basically the Karmin of the Baby Boomer generation, but with a little more class and a lot more chops. (1032 N. Fourth St., PabstTheater.org)

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