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Last Call for DDW
Squeeze in one last meal before tonight comes to a close.

Photo courtesy of Cafe Calatrava.
At downtown restaurants tonight, just like any other night, tables will be cleared, dishes will be scrubbed, candles will be snuffed and doors will be locked. Sure, these restaurants will reopen tomorrow like they always do, ready to serve the hungry Milwaukee public. But something will be missing: Downtown Dining Week menus.

Tonight marks the end of another successful year of DDW, and thus the end of this DDW guide. We’ve shared with you our tips and tricks, our favorite entrées and spots great for a night on the town. We’ve even told you where you can eat fresh and support our local farms while doing so.

We’ve savored up-scale cuisine at a discounted price, tasted food native to countries from all over the globe and satisfied our sugar cravings with signature desserts. Hopefully all of you have had a chance to try a new place, revisit an old favorite or find a new must-order dish this week.

If you haven’t, don’t kick yourself just yet. There is still time, and we know just where you should go. Here is a glimpse of the 10 restaurants we haven’t covered yet, broken up by location.

If you’re in the Cathedral Square vicinity, make your way over to Karl Ratzsch’s, Mikey’s or Sabor. Karl Ratzsch’s, 320 E. Mason St., serves traditional German cuisine and is the perfect place to enjoy some Old World cooking. Mikey’s, 811 N. Jefferson St., is ideal if you’re looking for good ‘ole American comfort food, and for all the meat-lovers out there, Sabor, 777 N. Water St. has you covered.

If you’re heading downtown, stop in at Benihana or head east to Café Calatrava. At Japanese restaurant Benihana, 850 N. Plankinton Ave., you get both a meal and a show as your food is prepared fresh, right before your eyes. If you’re looking to enjoy a classy lunch with a beautiful view, check out the $10 lunch menu at Café Calatrava while you gaze at Lake Michigan.

If you’re in the Third Ward, visit Club Charlies, Third Ward Caffé, Tulip or Water Buffalo, or make your way north to Joey Buona’s Restaurant. Club Charlies, 320 E. Menomonee St., is a relaxed, casual environment offering yummy, traditional bar food for lunch and dinner. Third Ward Caffé, 225 E. St. Paul Ave., is an up-scale Italian restaurant, great for a fancy lunch or dinner date. Tulip, 360 E. Erie St., offers Mediterranean cuisine, while Water Buffalo, 249 N. Water St., serves American comfort food. Both have delicious vegetarian options. Joey Buona’s, 500 N. Water St., is a Milwaukee favorite known for their lasagna.

Whatever part of Milwaukee you live in, or if you’re in the surrounding area, treat yourself to a three-course meal from one of these local restaurants before the end of the day. You can’t go wrong, especially with the DDW prices. However, these deals are almost over, so make sure you don’t miss out. It would be a shame to have to wait until next year to take part in the DDW experience.

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