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B, double-E, double-R, U, N
Riverwest will flood with festival-goers and beer-drinking runners.

The Locust Street Festival and its accompanying Beer Run couldn’t be a better canvas to paint a portrait of the Riverwest neighborhood on. The odd collage of entertainment and art will rain down food, crafts and jewelry on Sunday, set to the tune of live music-making from Chicken Wire Empire, Ugly Brothers, Platinum Boys, WhiskeyBelles … and the list keeps going.

The 38th Annual Riverwest Beer Run (or walk) is a none-too-short 1.8-mile track that takes folks through the guts of Riverwest and includes four mandatory beer stops (Nessun Dorma, Lakefront RBC, Falcon Bowl and Dino's). What better incentive to go the extra mile? Thanks, Milwaukee.

The fest happens between 11:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Sunday, June 8. Check out locuststreetfestival.org more details.

(image courtesy of locuststreetfestival.org)

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