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Morning Links for June 6, 2013
Police misdeeds, Mario Batali and a mission to space.
Morning Links is like the dawn. You can always count on it coming back. Without further ado then, our latest installment of the news you absolutely, unequivocally need to read now:
  • The Waukesha sheriff’s office’s investigation into the Butler Police Department has turned up some startling “misdeeds.” The report, expected to be released today, claims that officers viewed and emailed porn on village computers and cell phones.
  • The Obama administration says today that it approves the National Security Agency’s “need” to collect the telephone records of millions of Verizon customers in the U.S. Say what?
  • That ponytail, those orange Crocs. Few can deny that super chef Mario Batali is an Italian food stallion – who just announced he’s opening a new Italian burger joint in Las Vegas – but stylish? Here Batali explains his certain je ne sais quoi.  
  • Fifteen-year-old Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Gloved One, is getting "appropriate medical attention" after a reported suicide attempt. Various media outlets are reporting a "possible drug overdose."
  • Leonardo Dicaprio and Ashton Kutcher are not the only celebs who've joined the waiting list for the Virgin Galactic mission to space. Can you guess who will join them? Could it be... Justin Bieber? Beam him up, Scotty.


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