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Go local or go home
Four DDW participants that emphasize locally sourced ingredients.

I love DDW because it gives diners the opportunity to enjoy a tasty meal without breaking the bank while also giving the stand-out restaurants in Milwaukee a chance to promote their menus. But what makes it even better is that it prompts Milwaukeeans to support locally grown and harvested ingredients by dining out at the establishments supplied by Wisconsin farms. Grab a meal at one of these four places to keep your belly and our state’s farmers happy.

Hinterland, 222 E. Erie St.
This gastropub and lounge is new to DDW this year, so you may recognize its name from Friday’s post. We’re featuring it again because of its dedication to working with fresh and local ingredients. The restaurant has established relationships with growers and ranchers to bring diners local meats, hand-foraged mushrooms and heirloom produce, according to its website. Hinterland also partners with fisherman in Honolulu, Seattle and Portland, Maine.

Kil@wat, 139 E. Kilbourn Ave.
This classy restaurant in the InterContinental Hotel obtains many of its veggies from local farms, including organic lettuces and spinach. It also offers a Growing Power garden salad as a side to their barbeque salmon entrée. Unfortunately, that dish is not part of its DDW menu, but its green salad with locally grown lettuces is. Stop in and support our local farms with a meal at Kil@wat this week. We’ll save you a seat.

Metro Bar & Café, 411 E. Mason St.
Metro Bar & Café is another classy restaurant located inside a hotel and committed to offering cuisine made from locally obtained ingredients. Chef Justin Johnson takes this commitment seriously, which is obvious by the headings on his menu: “Aquaponic Greens,” “Sustainable Fish,” “Organic Poultry and Game,” “Natural Raised Pork and Veal,” Humanely Raised Beef.” Dishes we’d like to try include the Hillsboro Farms grilled chicken breast, Uphoff Farms pulled pork shoulder, Jones Farm cheery wood bacon BLT and Niman Ranch red Angus burger, just to name a few.

Umami Moto, 718 N. Milwaukee St.
This hip, Asian fusion restaurant is a popular hangout on Milwaukee Street. Offering everything from sushi, soup and salad to savory entrées like scallops, short ribs and sweet and sour chicken, this place has something for everyone. Not only is the food delicious, but several of their meats are obtained from Wisconsin’s Hidden Creek Farms and some of their veggies are locally sourced as well. Their menu is fresh, dynamic and supports local farmers – we can’t think of a reason not to go.

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