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On the Marquee for June 3, 2013
Tom wonders why it always has to be snakes in this week’s cream of the crop.

It’s a light week event-wise in Milwaukee, but what is screening is quality, so let’s get right to it:

Tuesday, June 4th: Warm Bodies on DVD
Available at all finer media retailers (check specific stores for pricing/availability)

If you missed out on this very pleasant winter surprise at the movies, now is the perfect time to catch up. About a Boy/Jack the Giant Killer’s Nicholas Hoult is absolutely fantastic as R, a soulful zombie whose self-deprecating inner-monologue is running all full steam even as he shambles around his airport living space. His non-beating heart is awoken by Julie (Teresa Palmer), who finds herself under his care after a supply raid into zombie territory goes wrong. Unfortunately for R, the girl with whom he’s rediscovering humanity also happens to be the daughter of the human resistance’s leader. Ah, young love. Very much so a spiritual successor to Romero’s Day of the Dead (following that film’s deepening of its zombie mythos), Warm Bodies is another rock solid entry in director Jonathan Levine’s (The Wackness, 50/50) diverse oeuvre.

Friday, June 7th: The Kings of Summer
Opens @ The Downer Theatre (check website or call 414-962-3120 for updated showtime)

After a rapturous reception at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the coming of age film The Kings of Summer makes its way to Milwaukee. Supporting performances from cult favorites Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Megan Mullaly (Will and Grace, Party Down) and Allison Brie (Community, Save the Date) help augment this story of three young men’s quest to become adults by running away from home and living in a ramshackle self-built cottage tucked in the woods. The film is packed top to bottom with winning performances and could prove to be this year’s Little Miss Sunshine in terms of audience connection. Definitely worth checking out.

Saturday and Sunday, June 8th & 9th: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
10:30am @ The Times Cinema ($4!)

And what better way to end the movie week than with one of, if not the greatest adventure films of all time. Screening as part of the Times Cinema’s “June Journeys” series, Raiders of the Lost Ark is an all-timer, showcasing Spielberg at his pulpy apex and George Lucas at his least franchise-ruinous. And Karen Allen and Harrison Ford have such tremendous chemistry, and the boulder, and the monkey, and the nazis, and the….Why am I even trying to sell you on this? IT’S RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK ON THE BIG SCREEN! GO SEE IT!!!

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