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Bud Selig: Humanitarian
Baseball commish and former Brewers owner receives distinguished award.

In all the hullabaloo surrounding the Brewers 20th anniversary celebration of the Racing Sausages earlier this week, you may have missed the news about another Milwaukee baseball stalwart: Bud Selig.

The longtime commissioner of Major League Baseball and former Milwaukee Brewers owner received the B’nai B’rith International Distinguished Humanitarian Award Thursday night. MLB.com has video and a story about the New York ceremony, which featured remarks from Selig, Joe Torre and Sharon Robinson, daughter of Jackie Robinson.

Considering all the work Selig has done to keep Jackie Robinson’s story at the front and center of modern baseball, it’s no surprise that he invoked the man’s legacy while reflecting on his own honor. “The words of Jackie Robinson remind us,” Selig said, “that a life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

“I’m so pleased,” Sharon Robinson said of Selig, “that his cognizance of the game’s potential to be a force for good has led to such a strong spirit of service and breadth of activities that help the lives of others.”

Torre, the longtime New York Yankees manager and now MLB’s executive vice president for baseball operations, spoke of how instrumental Selig was in helping the sport progress, helping “modernize it,” citing the institution of wildcard playoff spots on his watch. But Torre also delved into Selig’s work outside of baseball, noting “the work he has done with baseball, through baseball, honoring our children, our veterans, battling cancer, victims of disaster.”

“He is a man who should be honored,” Torre said. “I’m very, very proud to call Bud Selig a friend of mine.”

And Selig closed his remarks with a simple note of gratitude.

“I thank you for allowing us to join this wonderful occasion tonight,” he said. “It is a privilege to be here.”

(photo via Shutterstock)

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