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The Cantina of Humboldt
Fresh air at BelAir, Bartolotta's supper clubs in-the-works, and a chocolatier headed for the Ward.

Patio Crush
One of the sweeter looking patios is at BelAir Cantina (1935 N. Water St., 414-226-2245). The riverside space isn’t new, but this year owners Leslie Montemurro and Scott Johnson have put some extra love in it. New foliage and an overhang and fencing for a bit of shading and privacy. Still to come is an arched entrance. What’s also happening over there? Some new menu items are what’s happening over there. Like: shrimp habanero ceviche, shrimp tropical ceviche, lobster salad, chopped Cobb, tostada salad with chipotle ranch dressing, and three kinds of tacos – Asian pork, pork al pastor and arbol salmon ($3.69-$9.93). Hours: Mon-Fri 11 a.m.-midnight; Sat-Sun 10 a.m.-midnight.

Club, Times Two
So some weeks ago, Bartolotta Restaurant Group announced that the supper club is not dead. (It never was, in Wisconsin.) Later this summer, the group will open a couple of dinner joints devoted to “value-oriented menu items,” cocktails and ice cream drinks. The name of these ventures? Joey Gerard’s - A Bartolotta Supper Club. One of the two locations will be in Greendale (the old Harmony Inn, 5601 Broad St.). The other is the old Riversite in Mequon (11120 W. Cedarburg Rd.). The name comes directly from Mr. Joe (Joseph Gerard) Bartolotta. “Joey Gerard” was a nickname coined by Joe B’s mother. For a retro experience, take a look at the website. Opening dates? Nothing set in stone.

Hot Chocolate
There is a name for a city block shaded by awnings. During a week like this -- when public displays of skin run rampant - it’s called relief. Anchoring the north end of Broadway between St. Paul and Buffalo is The Wicked Hop/Jackalope Lounj (345 N. Broadway). But I mention it today only as a point of interest.  It is adjacent to a vacant space (333 N. Broadway) – OK, scratch that. A soon-to-be occupied space. I can’t give you a name, but the tenant will be in the confectionery business – a seller of chocolates. It also will serve coffee. Construction is under way. More details to come.

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