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Morning Links for June 27, 2013
Paula Deen (of course!), icky beaches, and booze in the workplace.
If you're not Linking it every weekday morning, our question is why? Our news is the only news you need.  

  • In news of a Paula Deen nature… Following her emotional appearance on the “Today Show” June 26 (“I Is What I Is,” is one of her memorable quotes), Deen is said to have hired a “crisis-management” expert – the same individual who helped Monica Lewinski and who inspired the lead character on the TV show "Scandal."

  • Polluted beaches? No thanks. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) releases an annual “report card” on America’s beaches. Besides 15 clean standouts, the council names 20 “repeat offenders” that “often exhibit high bacteria counts.” And indeed, one Milwaukee beach makes that list.

  • Is your office one where the “keg has become the new water cooler”? Offering booze in the workplace has reportedly become the new trend.

  • Guy Fieri in Vegas? Say is ain't so! Visit Guy Fieri's new Las Vegas restaurant by just clicking here. I mean, why would you want to go there, anyway?  

  • Nelson Mandela is said to be in "very critical" condition in a Pretoria, South Africa. The beloved former South African president's condition has brought scores of well wishers to stand vigil outside the hospital where the freedom fighter is staying.

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