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I Framed My Wedding Dress
Now it's a piece of art I get to see every day.


When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I couldn't wait to try it. Really, why should your dress stay hidden in your closet for years? Framing mine was the best decision I could have made. And don't worry, if your daughter actually does decide to wear your dress down the road, the dress is perfectly preserved and can be taken out when you need it. 

I took my dress in to Michael's on Highway 100 in West Allis. I told them the dimensions I wanted the frame to be, and we started laying out my dress. They actually take a photo of myyour dress and put it together in my chosen frame so I could get an idea of the final result.

I was glad they did that because I ended up adjusting the fold of my dress. I also decided on a black shadow box so my dress looked as dimensional as possible. They had a bunch of selections for the inside of the box - metallics, prints, paper and more. I decided on a cream linen.

Because I knew my dress would be displayed under lights, I opted for the non-glare glass. The grand total? About $350. Steep, I know, but I'm using it as a piece of art I will look at every time I pass it, so I think the investment was well worth it.

Have you heard of other creative ways to keep your wedding dress? Share below!

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