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Morning Links for June 26, 2013
From protester-filled state capitols to the sweet sounds of Summerfest.
Wisconsin isn't the only state where protesters fill legislative chambers. Tom Barrett and Chris Abele agree on something. The Racing Sausages are about to turn 20. And yep, Summerfest is here.
  • Another state, another protester-filled state capitol. This time, it was Texas, where a filibustering Democratic state senator named Wendy Davis and what Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst termed "an unruly mob" thwarted a bill that would've placed sharp restrictions on abortions in the state. The San Antonio Express-News reports how the legislation, first thought to have passed, was ultimately declared unsuccessful in the early-morning hours because a vote came too late.
  • Speaking of the Brewers, Thursday marks the 20th anniversary of a tradition that's become about as popular as the team itself. On June 27, 1993, the Famous Racing Sausages made their debut, and nobody could've guessed how they'd grow into such a phenomenon. To commemorate the casing-clad heroes, the club has planned daylong celebrations, including sausage-related giveaways, and is capping it all with a special race at tomorrow's game.
  • A group called Common Ground believes that any deal involving public money to help replace the BMO Harris Bradley Center should also include millions of dollars to upgrade athletic facilities at area schools.  Both Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele both agree that Common Ground's concerns deserve a solution. But as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Don Walker reports, they're just not sure what it is.
  • And oh yeah. Some gig called Summerfest starts today. Folks seem to think it's kinda big. Hey, that might make a good slogan... But if that's not your thing, the A.V. Club has an extensive look at Riverwest's upcoming Breadfest.

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