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Local 'Project Runway' Contestant's New Collection
Timothy Westbrook's "Paleontology of a Woman" will be shown, fittingly, in a dinosaur exhibit.
Timothy Westbrook has already enjoyed a nice start to his fiber arts and fashion design career. Originally from Wanakena, New York, at the ripe age of 23 he became the Pfister Hotel's youngest artist-in-residence in 2012. And his star has risen quite a bit higher due to his selection as a contestant on Lifetime's reality TV fashion design show "Project Runway," where he will compete against another Milwaukeean, Miranda Kay Levy. 

When Westbrook finished his residency at the Pfister, he opened a design studio in the Shops of Grand Avenue, where he, presumably, has worked on his latest collection titled the "Paleontology of a Woman." But it'll be a while before we get to see the fruits of those labors. On Sept. 21, he'll stage a show of the collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum in the dinosaur exhibit. 

According to a not-yet-finished website created for the fashion show, Westbrook will collaborate with a jewelry designer, painter and costume designer for the collection. 

Westbrook's Director of Media Relations, Dana Leonard, released these two images to Milwaukee Magazine and they provide an interesting look at the work-in-progress collection. 

Westbrook's sketches. We're seeing a theme. 

A shoe dotted with circular cut outs from Miller Lite cans. A Milwaukee-move for certain. 

Westbrook's trademark is hand-woven fiber, and if the shoe above is any indication, audiences won't be deprived of that in his latest collection. 

Westbrook and Levy's season - "Project Runway's" 12th! - premieres  July 17. 

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