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Blacking Out With Lauren Conrad
Despite a power outage, this TV star-turned designer dished on beauty and style.

When I was asked to interview Lauren Conrad the feeling was a bit surreal. Not only had I grown up watching "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills," but Lauren Conrad was also involved with everything a fashionista could love: designing her own clothing line for Kohl's, an author of best-selling novel The Fame Game, along with gracing the covers of many fashion magazines. Conrad was in town at Boswell Book Company, teaming up with Kohl's to treat three deserving teen girls from Children's Hospital to a styling session.

The girls received outfits handpicked by Conrad and spent the afternoon with her to talk trends and fashion tips. After that, she signed copies of her new novel Infamous, the final book in her Fame Game series.

I had a few minutes to sit down with her and ask a few style questions of my own. This interview was different than any other, because as I was waiting to interview Conrad in Boswell, a thunderstorm knocked the power out. No one missed a beat though, and soon I found myself sitting next to Conrad in a black out. 

Fashionista: I see you're here with the lucky girls that were picked for your styling session. How was it? What did you guys do?

Lauren Conrad: I picked out a bunch of clothing from my line at Kohl's for these three girls. It was fun! So we've been unwrapping presents and learning how to put outfits together.

F: Very cool. Tell us a little bit about your novel.

LC: My novel is called Infamous, and it is the third and final book in my Fame Game series. The book revolves around a group of girls who are on a reality show and the main character's name is Madison Parker;  she's sort of a bad girl character. She loves fame and media and playing around with all the tricks that celebrities do. 

F: Here's a fan-submitted question from Molly, who wants to know your favorite era of fashion and beauty?

LC: It's either the '20s or the '50s. I love the details of the '20s and the silhouettes of the '50s, if that makes sense. 

F: Who is your fashion inspiration?

LC: Most of the time I look up to designers, people who are doing their own thing. But it's a hard question. There isn't one specific place from which I draw inspiration; the inspiration comes from everywhere.

F: With Kohl's, are you designing everything yourself?

LC: I work with a team of people at Kohl's, I fly out to New York every other month and they fly to me during the month I'm not there. They also just opened a design office in L.A., which is really nice. We work on three collections at a time, because we have a collection every month instead of doing seasons. So, we work together on inspiration, design, and finalization. They are a very talented group of people.

F: Any secrets about your next collection?

LC: We just came out with bedding. It's really cute. Lots of soft colors, organic-looking fabrics, ruffling and bow details.

F: What's your proudest accomplishment?

LC: It might be making best sellers list. It was a big deal to me, and very unexpected.

 Oh, it's getting brighter in here! 

The storm started to pass and I could finally see Conrad. She was flawless as I expected, with her perfect makeup and ombre hair. She was wearing a cream lace dress from her Kohl's line, perfect for a summer day.

F: What would you do if you weren't in fashion?

LC: It probably would have been hair. I always chat with my hairdresser because I love it so much, so I probably would have gotten in to beauty.

F: Can you share a beauty tip with our readers?

LC: I think personal style is important. I think at a young age you try and dress like everyone else to fit in, and the best part of hair, makeup and fashion is that you get to be an individual and I think everyone should embrace that. Have fun with it.


With that, I was led out in to the darkness and saw hundreds of girls in line with their copies of Infamous, excitedly waiting to get a glimpse of Lauren Conrad. 

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