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Dan Patrick's Sausage Race
Brewers help Dan and the Danettes reach the pinnacle of casing-based competition.

Dan Patrick survived nearly two decades at ESPN, a Big Show partnership with the acerbic Keith Olbermann and starting his own "Dan Patrick Show," which has since grown into a minor radio and TV empire. Now, the famed sports broadcaster can add another famed Klement’s Sausage Race to his résumé.

Patrick and his four Danettes – compatriots on his "Dan Patrick Show" – each donned a Racing Sausage during Saturday’s Brewers vs. Braves game. And much to their credit, the Danettes didn’t let their boss win.

Patrick, as Bratwurst, placed third in the five-meat race. Andrew “McLovin” Perloff won as the Hot Dog, edging out the Chorizo, played by Patrick “Seton” O’Connor. Paul Pabst took fourth wearing Polish, and the Italian, aka Todd Fritz, ran a distant, distant fifth, though he may have been tired from throwing out the game’s first pitch.

Patrick and his colleagues spent much of Monday’s show reflecting on the Milwaukee visit, and even had Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker on for good measure. In a coincidental upping of the show's Milwaukee-centric quotient, Dwyane Wade was a guest, too. And neither Patrick nor the Danettes hid their reverence for the grand Sausage experience.

“After you go Sausage Race,” Patrick noted, “where do you go after that?”

They commemorated it all with some behind-the-scenes video, which even includes an in-Chorizo camera.

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