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Experimental Alaskans
The small Alaskan town that brought the world Sarah Palin also begat indie rockers Portugal. The Man. Other than pesky punctuation, Portugal. The Man is known for experimental and provocative music. (And getting their van, trailer and equipment stolen after 2011’s Lollapalooza show and using social media to track it down.) But the band is back with June release Evil Friends and a title track that’s catchy, eerie and just weird enough. As an added bonus, Evil Friends was produced by Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse, who gained notice with 2004’s The Grey Album – a mashup of Jay-Z’s vocals from The Black Album and music from The Beatles’ White Album.

Portugal. The Man. (June 21). Pabst Theater. 144 E. Wells St., 414-286-3663, pabsttheater.org. 

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POSTED 4/2/2014